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Recent News about Women, Equity, and the Arts

Philanthropists Award $40 Million to Help Advance Gender Equity

New York Times July 29, 2021


Why Are There So Few Monuments That Successfully Depict Women?

New York Times February 18, 2021

Wilhelmina Cole Holladay, Whose Art Museum Promoted Women, Dies at 98

New York Times March 11, 2021

Amy Sherald Directs Her Breonna Taylor Painting Toward Justice

New York Times March 7, 2021

Gender Bias Reveals Consequences For Female Artists

NPR January 24, 2020


Baltimore Museum of Art will only acquire works from women next year: ‘You have to do something radical’

Baltimore Sun November 15, 2019


Female Artists Made Little Progress in Museums Since 2008, Survey Finds

New York Times September 19, 2019

The Ghost Statistic That Haunts Women’s Empowerment

New York Times January 4, 2019

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