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-Arts Advocate, Madison

"Now is the right time for the work of past, present and future women artists to be fully known, supported and celebrated"

Submitting your Application:

  • Check all criteria listed below, to confirm your eligibility. 

  • Incomplete applications that do not adhere to application guidelines will be ineligible and will NOT be considered. WAFF does not have the resources to make modifications or notify artists if their applications are incomplete or do not adhere to the guidelines. It is the applicants responsibility to submit a complete application by the deadline.

  • Late submissions will not be considered.

  • You must complete the application in its entirety at one time and then submit. We recommend you gather everything you need BEFORE you begin the application, and create separate word documents for your resume, artist statement and work sample list, that you can simply cut and paste. (The application CANNOT be started, paused and saved.)

  • Visit our FAQs page for questions about the application.

Application Criteria:

All applicants must meet ALL of the criteria for your application to be reviewed.  Artist:

  • Must currently be a resident of Dane County, Wisconsin, and have resided in Dane County for the last 12 months         (July 15, 2023 - July 15, 2024).  You must be a resident of Dane County when the awards are given.

  • Must identify as a woman and be a visual artist working in one of the mediums listed below.

    • Drawing/Painting/Photography/Sculpture/Installation/Printmaking/Social Practice/Video/Mixed Media/Performance Art/Glass/Fiber/Wood/Metal/Clay

  • Must be 18 years old or older by October 1, 2024. 

  • Must be a US resident. 

  • Must not be a student at the time the award is given (Fall 2024)

  • As an individual artists or artists collaborative you must not have received arts funding, grants, or awards which have equaled or exceeded $10,000 in any one of the following years: 2023, 2022, or 2021.


  • You may NOT apply as part of a non-profit or a 501c(3) organization. 

  • All members of the group, up to four total, must fulfill ALL eligibility criteria as stated above or it will NOT be considered a valid application. 

  • One person must act as the contact person and fiscal agent and fill out her information at the beginning of the application. Each additional member of the group must complete the sections titled Collaborator #2, #3 and #4.  Incomplete collaborative applications will not be considered valid for any and all artists listed in the collaborative. 

  • All supplemental information provided must be the work of the collaborative. This includes a collaborative resume, artists statement of the collaborative and work samples of the collaborative's collective artistic practice.  

Complete the Application:   

  • The name on the application must match your legal name used in tax filing.

  • Answer all yes or no questions.

  • Include your Website/Instagram/Facebook addresses if you have these. 

  • Check all media that apply to your work.

  1. UPLOAD your Artist Resumé of no more than three pages.  Resumes longer than three pages will not be considered. We can ONLY accept Word documents or PDFs.


   2. UPLOAD your Artist Statement of no more than 250 words copied and pasted into the box in the application form.

   3. UPLOAD your Work Samples (STILL IMAGE files or VIDEO files of your work)     


               STILL IMAGE FILES

    • Submit up to seven total images of your work. These include any detail images.

    • Submit up to four total images if you are also submitting video work. 

    • Works must have been created in 2018 or after. 

    • Must be .jpg format. Recommended image size 4X6 in. to 5x7 in. at 300 dpi.

    • Image file size must not exceed 5 MB

    • Image size must not exceed 2400 pixels in the largest dimension.

    • Label each sample with the number of the image, title, date (For example: 1, Spring Thaw, 2019)   

    • DO NOT watermark your images or include your name on the sample list. Your name cannot appear in your work sample. The early rounds are meant to be anonymous. 


              VIDEO FILES 

              Samples from your social practice, installation, performance art or video work may be submitted with:

  • The link for your video submission in the box provided. Work must have been created in 2017 or after. 

  • Up to two minutes of video total along with up to four total slides.

  • Videos must be YouTube or Vimeo with passwords if necessary.

   4. UPLOAD a document which describes your Work Samples (images/videos) according to the information below. 


               Include the following information about each IMAGE:

  • ​​Number of image or video

  • Title of work

  • Materials

  • Dimensions of work (H x W x D)

  • Year the piece was created (work must have been created in 2016 or after).

  • Up to three sentences of contextual narrative if needed.

  • This written document is intended to provide information about the context of your work.

  • DO NOT include your name IN your image or ON the sample list.  The early rounds are meant to be anonymous. 

             Here is an example of information provided for the first slide/image:

                 1. Spring Thaw; acrylic, pencil and beeswax on canvas, 14” x 16” x 12”, 2018. This piece is made with                                          overlapping layers of paint, beeswax and pencil on canvas. This was a backdrop for a concert titled                                    “The Four Seasons.” 

             Include the following information for each VIDEO:

  • Number of video (up to 2 total minutes of video).

  • Title of work (or pieces in order of appearance if video shows multiple works)

  • Year the work was created. (Work must have been created in 2016 or after)

  • Password and link to YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Up to 3 sentences of contextual narrative, if needed.

               Here is an example of information provided for Video:

                 1. Lace House, 28 ‘ x 50’ x 14’, 2016.  (YouTube link, password) This installation and performance piece was                              created by over 100 women working together in a shuttered factory in France over the course of a ten-day                        period of time. This piece references the often overlooked creative and collaborative work done by women                        during the 19th and 20th century, by calling attention to their contributions inside and outside of the home.


   5. Check box that states you are aware of the deadline.


   6. The last two questions are optional.

       Answers are intended to help us know collectively about who is applying.

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